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Why the kitchenaid stand mixer is considered as every women’s dream?

Why the kitchenaid stand mixer is considered as every women’s dream?

The kitchenaid stand mixer very powerful because this kitchen aid stand mixer saves me a lot of time so all I can say about the durability, the ease of mixing, the time it saves in the kitchen. You can multi-task when you use this mixer…unlike hand mixers. Bread dough is a snap with this machine. It will do everything except roll it out on the board for you. Cookies, cakes, you name it, it’s no trouble with this machine. With all the accolades this machine gets, there are some drawbacks.

For one, it’s incredibly heavy when you need to move it around. But, that is good when you are kneading dough and the machine is working it. There isn’t enough space between the mixer arm and the edge of the stainless bowl. Sometimes it’s hard to get dry ingredients in the bowl while it’s mixing. You can also find best stand mixers in India here.

There is an attachment for this that works well) Sometimes when mixing, the stainless bowl gets locked too tight, and takes a little more effort to unlock. (Especially when mixing bread dough) Above these few annoyances, this may be the best kitchen appliance I own. The grinder attachment is a must have if you want to make your own gourmet ground meats, you may think that this machine is difficult to deal with it but it’s not true I will give you a good idea where you can start with it.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Reviews

1.Kitchenaid ksm150ps description

More is more sometimes, at least in the world of small appliances. KitchenAid ksm150ps has designed a new member of their kitchenaid stand mixer family, and this new one is called kitchenaid ksm150ps artisan mixer. This kitchenaid mixer has a tilting head, like the KSM90, but it has a larger 5 qt. capacity bowl. This specific kitchenaid ksm150 stand mixer also gives you more oomph, as in 325 watts of cookie dough busting power. What’s not to love? If you’ve been considering a stand mixer, this may be the perfect “starter model” for you.

Kitchenaid ksm150ps stand mixer power points

  1. This powerful mixer can mix up to 9 dozen cookies once.
  2. The 10-speed slide control ranges from beating too slowly until stir rapidly
  3. The 5-quart bowl stainless steel with contoured handle can mix up to four loaves of white bread or 7 pounds of mashed potatoes once
  4. The flat beater is designed for multi-purpose general mixture, the C-style dough hook is ideal for kneading
  5. The whisk aerates the food, which makes them taste spongy
  6. The pouring shield 2-piece duct minimizes clutter
  7. The multi-axis facilitates incorporating additional accessories (not included)

2.Kitchenaid K45SS Classic

The KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer is really perfect. Since it given to me, I made several loaves at a time when i have the dough in point, many biscuits, cream fitted perfectly, basically you let the egg whites until stiff, etc. Moreover, It is not just a mixer, it actually has different accessories (purchased separately), of which I have bought something and really leave you speechless.

The kitchenaid classic stand mixer have some great accessories, such as mince meat, make sausages, vegetable graters, cheese, also there is tool to make orange juice, All used without any effort, because it works with the strength of the machine. Why not it’s the kitchenaid mixer. How many times have we put grated carrot and hands hurt us. in the KitchenAid, put a couple of them and within seconds you have a plate full of grated carrot, it also does not waste any piece.

For foodies, the Kitchen Aid Artisan has developed the multifunction food processor. A perfect combination of efficiency, design and robustness. Metal design makes it robust, stable and durable. Its rounded design for ease of use and cleaning. Its direct drive motor provides quiet operation and exceptional performance.

The mixture planetary movement provides more rapid and complete homogenization of the pulp, incorporating all ingredients “glued” to the walls of the bowl. With 10 speeds that can go up as many whites as knead dough for bread, pizza. A cookbook will be offered upon return of warranty. It has a bowl with ergonomic handle for a better grip and easy handling. It has bowl with a capacity of 4.83 L you can prepare small quantities of food. It comes with accessories compatible with the dishwasher: a pouring shield placed on the bowl makes adding ingredients while mixing while avoiding splashing, dough hook, a flat beater and whip son. The truth is that it is a wonder machine, I recommend it!

Kitchenaid k45ss classic plus stand mixer description

The kitchenaid k45ss classic plus stand mixer is designed for high performance home mixing, this appliance offers exceptional results time and it will be an ally of quality in your kitchen! A food unique performance Ultra efficient and complete, kitchenaid classic k45 plus stand mixer allows you to make all your preparations quickly and easily.

  1. Bowl full coverage with its mixing action to planetary motion: During operation of the robot, the flat beater rotates around the fixed bowl while rotating in the opposite direction on its own axis. This allows the batter to cover the entire bowl (diagram below). KitchenAid stand mixer and mix faster and more effectively than most other mixers.
  2. 10 speed graded for each of your preparations: to stir, mix, beat, beat, making creamy.
  3. A rounded design: Easy to use and easy cleaning
  4. Direct transmission Silent, reliable and durable
  5. All metal: Solid, stable and resistant
  6. Single attachment hub: Easy to use and multi-purpose
  7. Bowl capacity (4.30 L): To prepare small and large quantities of food

Composition and Accessories Kitchenaid CLASSIC 5KSM45 EWH

  1. A bowl having a capacity of 1.7 liters (4.30 L crude) is stainless steel.
  2. Dough hook for mixing and kneading yeast legs (breads, buns, rolls, pasta, pizza)
  3. Beater preparations for light and thick (cakes, cookies, frostings cream, cakes, candy, meatloaf, cookies, mashed potatoes)
  4. Whisk son for mixed preparations ventilated (eggs, sponge cake, egg whites, cream, mayonnaise, icing, boiled some candy)

Final though about kitchenaid stand mixers

I know that the kitchenaid stand mixer prices seems like a lot of money for a kitchen appliance that doesn’t automatically wash your dishes, but if you do a lot of cooking, baking, etc. like my wife and I do, it’s worth it in the long run. We know several who bought the other brands of mixers and ended up returning them or they broke after less than a year of use. I sure that you will fall in a love with this kitchenaid professional 600 series 6-quart stand mixer like every women specially me! So I put all kitchenaid professional 600 series 6-quart stand mixer features and details in one place so you can take a look at it before you consider buying it.

Benefits of Using a Wireless Internet Router for Your Needs

A high speed internet accessibility is a necessity that no business or family can survive without it. Regardless of the activities that you carry out with your PC, acquiring a wireless internet router is a necessity. You must have tried to download, upload or send an essential and argent document, but got frustrated by poor internet connection.

Well, the sole road for solving and avoiding additional frustrations is by purchasing a Wi-Fi router. If you own a business or a personal computer at your residence, you should consider purchasing the wireless router. Does this spark an idea? You should continue reading this article and learn about the numerous ways on how to benefit for using this device.

Since plethora of wifi routers available on the stores, choosing the top wifi routers is a frustrating task.

Benefits of Using a Wireless Internet Router

Benefits of Using a Wireless Internet Router

Access to fast internet in the current generation is necessary and thanks to technological advancements because people can now access wireless internet in homes and offices. Such an option is a breakthrough to numerous possibilities as this article highlights in simple terms.

Additional computer access – since a wireless internet router does not require installation of wires, it becomes easy to use it with numerous computers. All that you require to posses is a computer that has an adapter installed or a wireless card. You can download the adapter right from the internet to enhance proper access to your wireless network. This is beneficial because you hardly require buying or installing the cables in the office or home. As a result, you will encounter operational costs reduction, which will boost your monthly or yearly profits.

Constant activity – another benefit of using a wireless connection is that the wireless internet router is ever active. This is regardless of whether you are using a personal computer or a laptop because all you require is to customize all internet settings and connect the computer to the wireless network. Once you receive connection, you are free to move with the computer to whatever office as you so wish without switching on the internet connection again. This is the right strategy of enjoying convenience and saving time.

Share folders and files and ease – when you connect several computers on a single wireless internet, sharing folders and files become easy. Sharing a folder via wireless takes lesser time than sharing it through e-mail. Attaching a file to the email takes lots of time than copying the file from a computer to the other with the assistance of a wireless internet router. More so, you can share a printer with numerous users provided that the computers are connected to the internet network. This reduces the necessity of purchasing several printers whether at home or office, which save you money.

Security – most people would provide anything just to safeguard their essential files and folders. Nevertheless, internet attracts several fraudulent activities. However, technology has advanced and now you can enjoy security with wireless connections. The connections are capable of preventing unauthorized people from accessing your network through the use of a password. These are the benefits of using a wireless internet router that you should not overlook.

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

You may find the idea of Refrigerator Repair quite formidable especially if you are in front of your refrigerator full of food and unexpectedly it breaks down right before your eyes. What are you supposed to do? Where can you get help from? Who can you trust to get your refrigerator back into shape?

You may actually have some options that you must focus your attention to instead of spending your time turning pages of your directory. If you find the problem not too complicated, then our Refrigerator Troubleshooting page can truly help you. You can find top side by side refrigerators here

I Don’t Have a Experience in Repairs, What Should I Do?

If you think you can’t fix the refrigerator on your own (don’t attempt to fix it yourself if it’s still under warranty as the warranty will be terminated if you do so) You should always have a professional fix your unit.

1.    What is your refrigerator’s make and model?

If it is possible, try to find your refrigerator’s make and model. Identify its brand as well. You will aim to start by looking for someone who is experienced enough to fix the type of refrigerator you have.

You can contact the manufacturer to know if they have available service technicians within your area to whom they give authority to fix their particular brand. Also, the store where you purchased the refrigerator from may give you repair information and suggestions.

Checkout best refrigerators in India 2020 here.

2.    Is your refrigerator still under warranty?
This makes it important to keep your receipts or any paperworks for purchases like your refrigerator. If you have the receipt, check if the unit is still under warranty or not. Definitely, it can save you a lot of replacement or repair costs should you find your unit under warranty.

With so many double door refrigerators available, buying the top rated double door refrigerators is a frustrating task.

3. Is the repair something that you can do yourself?

Before you just say no, consider a little more of this. If the problem is just some replacement to the light bulb or adjustment to the door gasket, these are obviously simple stuff that you can perhaps do on your own. You will surely save on both repair labor and added parts costs that come with common service calls.

4.    Considering the cost, is it reasonable to fix the refrigerator or buy a new one instead?

There are repair bills that could possibly cost you hundreds of dollars. It may sound fair enough to consider purchasing a new refrigerator if the repair will cost you a lot blindly. As you get an estimate from the repairman, you can make a good balancing of it knowing that refrigerators nowadays are available at $1,200 on average.

Refrigerator Repair Service that You Can Trust
Repairmen are available in all sizes and shapes and offer services in different price ranges. However, as we have stressed here, turning pages of your directory to get anyone is not the only option you got. With the availability of the internet nowadays, it would be easier for you to broaden your resource and get a trustworthy repairman to fix your refrigerator.

Here are services that you may like to consider:
•    Service Magic- When it comes to available service people in the web, Service Magic is one of the broadest databases. One admiring feature of this site is that it allows present and past users to comment and rate a certain service professional. The use of the service is free and you will be provided with excellent support information there so you can find a reputable repairman in your area. You can visit them at

•    Angie’s List- Things at Angie’s List were started as a means for women to suggest various contractors to each other. From this, the service grew to become a full resource for repair and service professionals. Check on unbiased ratings for both the best and worst service companies that are available in your area. Get this from Angie’s List.

•    Refrigerator Manufacturers- When it comes to your refrigerator repair problems, we only want a reputable and well-trained serviceman to take care of your make and model. With many fridge models getting hi tech nowadays, you will definitely want an expert repairman. One of the best ways to get this right person is to contact the manufacturer directly. You can expect them to know a lot of qualified people who might have built shops in your area. You can try our Refrigerator Manufacturer’s Resource page for further information.

•    Maryland Refrigerator Repair- If you are residing somewhere in Maryland and in need of a repairman to fix your refrigerator, you can check what Star Appliance can offer you.


As a smart consumer, you are expected to do your homework and get just the best and most reputable repairman to bring your refrigerator back into shape at a reasonable price. Being this smart, you may want to know the things that you should not do in terms of refrigerator repair.

•   Don’t Fix It Yourself – We have mentioned earlier that fixing your refrigerator while it is under warranty will terminate such warranty. Apart from this, it is indeed necessary to forget about fixing your fridge if you don’t find yourself capable of doing it. This is to keep you away from any danger that may come along as you try to figure out the problem and start putting things in your hands.

•   Don’t Immediately Decide to Hire the Repairman You Find First- Ask some references from your family members, friends and colleagues or even appliance retailers in your area. You may not be even 100% sure of the repairman that the manufacturer recommended, so calling your local Better Business Bureau can save you a lot of worries.

•   Don’t Pay Up Front – Be smart enough to be sure that the repairman had solved your problem fully and you are satisfied with what he did to your refrigerator before service money comes out from your pocket. Paying up front won’t give you leverage should you find the service unsatisfactory in a shorter run.
Refrigerator Repair doesn’t have to be a scary idea. You will find no problem if you are just on the right track to find the most qualified repairman who will satisfactorily fix your refrigerator.